Welcome ! To Aloha One Love

Blessings .. Memorial Day Weekend. I can’t say i’m Happy about wars and our dead heroes..


Figuring all of this out. On Day 5 and only sold one hat. Visited 2 local veteran style resource centers and just talk to one NP from California that helps Vets, cops and firefighters with PTSD. 

There are rules with this game of business. With politics etc.

FEC has tulles so as a no official campaign of anyone! I can’t tell you a product is towards them. I have been suggested to work towards Veterans or/and other causes. I was doing that already but now IRS limits how non profits make money. So I as a clothing can’t promote sell of a product towards 1 specific organizations.

Must learn these codes as a CPA could possibly help.

But my plan is to post a page with different groups and causes .

I just started so give me 6 months to birth this before Haters hate. Believe me.. haters exist.. 


so so stay tuned and i’ll Share as I go. I’m on a busy schedule of other work and constant transition. 


Stay tune to page and IG and I keep people informed with discount codes 

Thanks for visiting site. Please support me in building this and yes i’m Not a greedy person. Trying to start a business here! Be nice. Got more tags and shirts in the future.